Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night was a pretty physical affair, though no one ever crossed a line, and things stayed under control. Of course, we all know the history between these two teams, and after practice on Saturday, J.R. Smith was asked about the physicality level and whether the Cavs would try to "dirty up the game."

His response, as is usually the case when J.R. talks, was memorable. He pretty much called out Draymond Green, saying "they got one guy who keeps kicking people in the nuts."

Smith went on to say that "we won't dirty up the game. We just play physical. Some people don't like physicality, and that's what it is. But we just got to play our game and the way we know how to play, and that's what's been successful for us."

To be fair to Green, he hasn't done that this year, but you can't blame J.R. for bringing it up. The fact that one of the greatest seasons of all-time was ruined because a guy kept giving people low blows should never be forgotten. 

God bless J.R. Smith and his wonderful quotes. The NBA is so much fun.