The Kawhi Leonard saga has taken another interesting twist. According to a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst, which was later confirmed by his colleague Zach Lowe, teams are circling like "vultures" with plans to make trade offers for the Spurs' All-Star forward. 

Windhorst first reported this during an appearance on The Jump, saying, "I have already talked to several NBA general managers. At the end of this season, teams will call the Spurs and inquire about the availability of Kawhi Leonard."

Lowe confirmed the report on Tuesday morning. 

Leonard, of course, has played just nine games this season due to the most-talked about quad injury in NBA history. He hasn't been in the lineup since Jan. 13, and it now seems unlikely he'll be back in the lineup this season. The past few months have been confusing, with quotes and reports at various times indicating both that Leonard would play again soon, and that he'd be out for the season. 

But now, with just a few games remaining, Leonard is not even with the team. He has returned to New York City to continue rehab, which gives the indication he is in fact not planning to play again this season. 

Leonard's seeming reluctance to play despite the fact that the Spurs' doctors have cleared him, along with reports earlier in the season that the injury was causing friction between Leonard and the Spurs have given some the indication that Leonard is unhappy in San Antonio. 

Only Leonard and the people around him know the answer to that question, but given the events that have transpired this season, it certainly makes sense for teams to call the Spurs and figure out if things have gotten bad enough that they'd be willing to move the defensive stalwart. It would surely take a monumental offer for Leonard to actually be traded, but the worst that can happen for inquiring teams is the Spurs hang up the phone.