LaVar Ball has an explanation for those complaints from Big Baller Brand customers over unshipped merchandise and poor customer service that elicited an 'F' from the Better Business Bureau

"Holidays always slows shipping," Ball reportedly told ESPN's Daren Rovell in a text. "But we stay on top of customer service. It's probably Nike and Adidas complaining about not getting their Big Baller Brand merchandise."  

This sounds perfectly plausible, if you're LaVar Ball. The originator of the Big Baller Brand also laughed off the controversy, reportedly telling Rovell that he didn't even know the Better Business Bureau still existed until the site's ratings page for Big Baller Brand made the rounds on the internet on Monday. 

"Better Business Bureau is as outdated as the Yellow Pages," he said. "Who cares about them? Tell them that Yelp! has replaced the Better Business Bureau. We honestly thought the Better Business Bureau was out of business. The new BBB stands for the Big Baller Brand."  

According to the Better Business Bureau's website, Big Baller Brand received an 'F' after racking up 32 complaints, most of them having to do with merchandise never being shipped or not delivered on time. The Better Business Bureau says Big Baller Brand failed to respond to 12 of those complaints and that  five complaints still haven't been resolved. Many of the problems include customers asking for refunds, which the Big Baller Brand does not provide.

Take this review from an nhappy customer who has big buyer's remorse:

This company does not offer refunds. I purchased 2 items and was told there would be a 1-2 week delay. I have been waiting 6 weeks now, and when I asked why it was taking so long, I was called a "small baller". At this point I believe they have decided to steal my money.


Another review came from a loyal customer that has yet the receive the Big Baller Brand gear he ordered for Christmas.

I'm a big fan of Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand, so naturally when the Melo Ball 1's came out I was going to order them. I ordered them in November because the site said 'shipping by december 23'. I look on the site on December 24, it now says 'shipping by february 23'... No email from the company or anything! In that same order I also purchased a shirt, expecting them to ship separately since the shoes allegedly wouldn't come out for another month. No shirt, no shoes, no nothing. I'm pretty disappointed in spending $450 on the shoes and shirt and I just want my merch or my money back.