Do you think LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers gathered around the television to watch Kevin Durant's preseason debut with the Golden State Warriors on Saturday? Were they locked into NBA TV, reminiscing about beating both the Warriors and their opponents, the Toronto Raptors, on the way to winning last year's title?

The answer is no. Kanye West's "Saint Pablo Tour" stopped at the Quicken Loans Arena, so of course the Cavs were there. By the looks of James' Instagram story, they had the time of their lives, via USA Today's Alysha Tsuji:

James attended the show with Tristan Thompson, Richard Jefferson, Dahntay Jones and the still-unsigned J.R. Smith. The group got the best of both worlds, getting a look at the floating stage from above and then going down to the floor. Jefferson, the NBA's unofficial king of Snapchat, documented some of it, too:

Imagine being a Cavs fan and just running into them at the show. Actually, you don't have to imagine -- this is what that looks like, via Lindsey Irwin:

Afterward, James went backstage and talked about he and West continuing to inspire each other ...

... and posted a photo on Instagram, encouraging West to "keep soaring to places untouched."

My only question: Where was Iman Shumpert? I mean, he's in West's most recent music video, so it's a little weird that he wasn't with his teammates, right?