There's not that LeBron James hasn't accomplished in his illustrious career, so it's a bit of a head-turner whenever he does something for the very first time. His latest debut came on a cardboard box, when he appeared on the Wheaties cereal box for the first time ever.

The box features James in a Lakers jersey with his right arm cocked back for an emphatic slam. On the back of the box is a message about the I Promise school he started in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Wheaties has been putting athletes on its boxes of cereal since 1934 in an effort to pair the images with the slogan "The Breakfast of Champions." Lou Gehrig was the first to grace the front of the box, and hundreds have followed him ever since. Athletes range from those in major American sports leagues, to those competing at the Olympic level. The cereal also put entire teams on the box following championships. That trend began in 1987 when the Minnesota Twins were placed there after winning the World Series. Most recently, the Seattle Storm were placed there in 2010.

Because of the illustrious tradition of putting some of the biggest names in sports on boxes, it's quite a surprise that this is the first time James made it on a box -- keep in mind this is his 17th year in the league and he's 35 years old. Of course, this is as good a time as any as LeBron is just one win away from his fourth career NBA title, and his first with the Los Angeles Lakers.