Last season, Manu Ginobili suffered an injury that no man should wish on to another.

Accidentally kneed in the groin by Ryan Anderson in February, Ginobili fell to the ground in writhing pain and had to immediately undergo testicular surgery. Ginobili missed close to a month of action due to the surgery but despite the sensitive nature of his injury, when he returned, the Spurs veteran guard still played with the same controlled recklessness he has been known for, taking charges and attacking the rim as per usual.

This may have been because Ginobili felt like he had nothing to lose after the surgery. According to Ginobili, he gave his right testicle to the Spurs.

"I gave my right one," Ginobili told News 4's Don Harris. "I gave it all, I gave it all. I gave my right one for the Spurs, I can say it, I can really say it. It's true."

Now Ginobili was laughing here and having a good time, so he is likely just joking around about his right testicle. Which is pretty great, since how else would you talk about surgery to your groin area besides joking about it?

As comedian Chelsey Peretti would say, Ginobili is truly one of the greats.