The Toronto Raptors won Game 5 in simple fashion on Monday night, running away with a 118-93 victory to take control of their first-round series against the Bucks, 3-2. But now, we have to go back a few days to Game 4, to relive one of the best moments of the postseason.

I missed this when it first happened, but it's too good not to revisit. 

Once in a while, whether it's at school, or work, or a party, two people will show up wearing the same thing. Maybe it's even happened to you, maybe not, but you're surely familiar with the experience in some way or another. 

What you (most likely) haven't experienced, however, is pulling on your $800 Saint Laurent dinosaur sweater, feeling pretty fly, and then walking into work only to discover your friend wearing the exact same $800 Saint Laurent dinosaur sweater. 

That, though, was exactly what happened to Patrick Patterson and P.J. Tucker before Game 4 in Milwaukee, as they showed up wearing not only the same $800 Saint Laurent dinosaur sweater, but pretty much the exact same outfit. 

This is so great. I didn't even know they made $800 Saint Laurent dinosaur sweaters, but, apparently, they have made at least two of them. 

God bless the NBA. 

(h/t reddit/r/nba)