Gordon Hayward suffered an awful injury to his leg on opening night. The result of his injury led to Kevin Harlan immediately shouting, "Hayward has broken his leg. Hayward has broken his leg." during the broadcast. He was stretchered off the court and and transported to a local Cleveland hospital where he'll be examined. The Celtics provided the following update on the severity of the injury:

After a medical evaluation by Celtics and Cavaliers medical personnel Gordon Hayward has been diagnosed with a fractured left ankle.

Shortly after the horrific incident in the opening quarter of the opening game of the season, the NBA world came out in support of Hayward for his injury. He likely has a long road to recovery ahead of him and few players understand that like Paul George.

Former teammates of his from Utah came out in support as well:

The entire NBA world is in support of Hayward right now:

Even NFL players that are currently dealing with season-ending injuries chimed in:

There is nothing worse than seeing an injury take place, but one as gruesome as what Hayward went through is especially difficult to see. Hopefully he will have a healthy and speedy recovery.