Paul Pierce has two fewer championships, three fewer All-Star selections, three fewer All-Defense honors and four fewer All-NBA selections than his longtime on-court rival, Dwyane Wade.

When asked on ESPN this week whether he or Wade had the better NBA career, however, Pierce didn't account for those facts -- or at least, he chose to ignore them.

"That's easy," the former Boston Celtics star said of the comparison. "I could say that off the bat -- that's me. If you give me Shaq, if you give me LeBron, if you give me these guys early in my career ... when I was 24 years old, you give me Shaq, when I was 25, give me LeBron ... I'd be sitting on five or six championships, easy. I played 10 years with who? With who?"

Yikes. You have to wonder what all of Pierce's ex-Celtics teammates think of the 10-time All-Star dropping the "with who?" at the end of his argument, as if Pierce endured a 20-year NBA career alongside nothing but bench material. The 2008 Finals MVP did acknowledge that Boston surrounded him with talent during the Celtics' "Big Three" run with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, but otherwise, he pointed to Wade's famous supporting cast -- like LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal in Miami -- as reasons to elevate his own career over that of the three-time champ.

Pierce does own an advantage in total career points, as his 26,397 edge Wade's current 23,089, but it's Wade who boasts the better points-per-game average (22.0), not to mention just about every other major award and accolade category.

In the age of LaVar Ball, Pierce's comments shouldn't be all too surprising. It's not as if he was a slouch during his own playing days, either. But NBA Twitter has mostly been none too happy with "The Truth" dissing Wade.