Rip Hamilton discussed George Karl's allegations of PED use by NBA players on Thursday's "NBA Crossover" on CBS Sports, and Hamilton agreed there "might be an issue" with PED use in the league these days.

Karl made the accusations in his book due out next month, which have caused an uproar -- in particular, assertions about players not having a father figure growing up.

The PEDs conversation was particularly questionable, given that Karl cited no individual instances or evidence, simply saying that given players' recoveries and the length of their careers, it was likely. There was no actual claim of usage, just supposition based on experience. However, given that Hamilton too has concerns that it may be an issue, it's enough to wonder whether the league is doing everything it needs to in order to investigate the issue fully.

It should be noted that Hamilton is clear in saying that if players are using PEDs, they're used for recovery purposes and not to gain an advantage in the game. Basketball is inherently difficult to gain an advantage from physical boosts, with how much the game relies on skill.

There's also a question of how much the modern fan, even with the outrage that occurred in baseball at the turn of the century, really cares about these issues. If it means fans get to see star players more often and at their bests, there's a legitimate question of what position the NBA should take in these matters.

Rip Hamilton appears weekly on CBS Sports' "NBA Crossover." CBS Sports

Hamilton also brings up an interesting point about the use of anti-inflammatory medication, noting that Joakim Noah would consistently opt to use them, which could have contributed to his steep decline as he has gotten older.

Either way, it's clear that Karl's comments about the use of PEDs have touched a nerve, and there may be stones which the league and fans of the sport may find uncomfortable to turn over and see what's underneath.