So Kevin Durant is an amateur photographer, to the degree he went to the Super Bowl with a photographer's media pass. The Warriors forward talked about it afterward, and his now-former teammate Russell Westbrook made fun of him a little bit.

Now flash forward to Thursday night as the Thunder arrived at Oracle Arena for their game vs. the Warriors. Here's Westbrook's entrance.

Wait, so what's that vest he's wearing?

That's right. He's wearing a photographer vest.

You gotta give it to Westbrook. He's next level in his participation. He posts videos on social media featuring break-up songs, he does an ad that says "Some run, some make runways," and now this. All of these activities are in tandem with Westbrook saying he won't answer any more questions about Durant. It's an amazing manipulation of narrative. Who knows what his motivation is or how seriously he takes this stuff. But it is frankly captivating to watch it unfold, and it only leads to more anticipation for Thursday's matchup.