Game 4 of the NBA Finals was pretty heated in the fourth quarter. With the Cleveland Cavaliers scrambling to stay in it against the Golden State Warriors, we suddenly had a close game that was bringing out the competitive spirit in both sides. The first heated exchange happened when LeBron James and Draymond Green got into it over a toss-down, a crotch shot and then some exchanged words.

Then near the end of the game, James was hawking Stephen Curry as the Warriors inbounded the ball. LeBron was physical with Curry as he tried to deny him the ball, which led to Curry talking to the officials about the contact. LeBron and Steph then stood face-to-face and exchanged some words and some perturbed facial expressions.

The best part of this entire video is official Mike Callahan going back and forth as he looked at both players during the exchange.

Game 5 could be pretty contentious in Oakland with the season on the line for the Cavs.

LeBron and Steph were not the best of friends at the end of Game 4. Getty Images