Becoming the last championship sports team that President Obama will honor before leaving office, the Cleveland Cavaliers traveled to the nation's capital on Thursday to be congratulated for their 2016 NBA championship. And as per usual, the President had plenty of zingers for the Cavs while he congratulated them on their championship success.

Here are the five best moments from Obama's congratulatory speech:

1. Iman Shumpert is not familiar with how podiums work

Wanting to take a proper photo with his team, the President asked his staff to move the podium that he was using to give his speech. The fact that the podium could be moved seemed to blow Shumpert's mind. Just watch his facial expressions as the podium is about to be moved, Shumpert literally can't believe such a thing is possible.

2. Obama is grateful that J.R. Smith wore a shirt to the White House

Smith's shirtless antics all summer have been well documented. It was such a big story that even the President knew about it. So it should come as no surprise that one of Obama's first jokes was at Smith's expense.

"I also, before I go any further, want to give a special thanks to J.R. Smith's shirt for showing up." Obama said. "I wasn't sure if it was going to make an appearance today."

3. Obama throws shade at Warriors, calls the 1996 Bulls, 'the greatest team of all-time'

A noted Chicago Bulls fan, the President couldn't help but show his support for his favorite team during his speech. And at the same time, the President threw a little dig at the Warriors, who won an NBA record 73 games last season but lost to the Cavs in the Finals.

"By knocking off the Warriors, they cemented the 1996 Bulls as the greatest team of all-time." Obama said referencing the 72-win Bulls, the team that previously held the record for most wins in a season. "Your President thanks you for that."

4. Obama wonders if he can rip the sleeves of his commemorative Cavs jersey

The Cavs gave Obama a black sleeved Cavs jersey with his last name on it and the number 16 (to signify their championship year). Obama seemed like he really enjoyed the gift but did wonder if he could rip the sleeves off, much like LeBron James once famously did during a game. The Cavs all had a chuckle at Obama's joke but James did offer to help the President rip the sleeves off.

5. The President described Shumpert's hair as a "MacGyver flat top"

Shumpert's hair is now braided but last season it resembled a Kid-N-Play-esque flat top. The President however, thinks that Shumpert's hair looked more like secret agent Angus MacGyver's hair from the popular late '80s to early '90s action-adventure television series "MacGyver."

Obama may have his references mixed up here as MacGyver had more of a mullet-type of look but hey, when you are the President, you can call it like you want.