It's just preseason, but every now and again you get a highlight that gives you a tease of the real games to come. On Thursday night, the Blazers and Clippers played a warm-up and the starters actually hung around and played a little bit. That led to this sequence where Chris Paul got Damian Lillard so out of position, he tripped on Blake Griffin's foot as he watched Paul slicing the other direction.

Dame got got by CP3. TNT

There should be a name for highlights where an accidental slip saves a player from embarrassment at the hands of a crossover or dunk. Because Paul got Dame here. He's done, and he's probably falling. But the contact with Griffin's foot saves him from it looking like a real "broke his ankles" play.

The leaves are changing, the temperature's falling, and NBA point guards are crossing each other up. It's that time of year.