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Mock drafts 11 months away from the next draft seem foolish, and they aren't necessarily meant to be perfectly accurate -- or even close to that. They lay the foundation for the watch lists heading into the summer and college football season so we can get an early idea as to who could land inside the first round the following April. 

The draft order below was determined using SportsLine's Super Bowl odds but in reverse order. That should clear up any concerns about why your team is picking so high in this mock. Hopefully. 


NFL Mock Draft
Round 1
Round 1 - Pick 1
Oregon • 6'4" / 254 lbs
Thibodeaux is the odds-on favorite to go No. 1 overall in 2022. He was a monster recruit two years ago and has 23.5 tackles for loss and 12 sacks in his first two years at Oregon.
Round 1 - Pick 2
Oklahoma • Jr • 6'1" / 210 lbs
Jared Goff is set to be the Lions quarterback for the next two seasons, but Rattler represents the long-term future for Detroit. He was tremendous in his first season as Oklahoma's starter.
Round 1 - Pick 3
LSU • 6'1" / 195 lbs
Skill-wise, Stingley could've been playing in the NFL the past two seasons. While his production dipped in 2020 after an otherworldly 2019, his length and traits are absolutely top-of-the-first-round caliber.
Round 1 - Pick 4
Ohio State • Sr • 6'2" / 209 lbs
Banks is the next in line at the cornerback spot from the Ohio State program. He has nine pass breakups over his past two seasons for the Buckeyes. The athleticism, production, and pedigree are there for him to go this early.
Round 1 - Pick 5
North Carolina • 6'1" / 220 lbs
Howell has looked like a future first-round pick since his freshman season at North Carolina. With the loss of a lot of skill-position talent, the spotlight will be squarely be on Howell in 2021. If Jalen Hurts doesn't take a sizable step forward in Year 2, Philadelphia will be in the quarterback market in the draft.
Round 1 - Pick 6
Notre Dame • 6'4" / 220 lbs
Hamilton is a hyperactive safety who's as productive against the pass as he is on run plays. He's a fantastic blitzer too.
Round 1 - Pick 7
Mississippi State • 6'5" / 311 lbs
The Jaguars' offensive tackle positions are far from set, and Cross is a battled-tested SEC blocker with quality pass-protection capabilities.
Round 1 - Pick 8
Liberty • 6'1" / 219 lbs
The Football Team is ready to compete. Right now. They're just missing a long-term answer at quarterback. Willis has the athleticism to be the next big riser at the quarterback spot.
Round 1 - Pick 9
USC • Sr • 6'3" / 205 lbs
It wouldn't be crazy for the Raiders to address the quarterback spot in the 2022 draft, and Slovis has been an efficient passer in his two years as USC's starter.
Round 1 - Pick 10
Alabama • 6'1" / 226 lbs
The Panthers could use more stability at the linebacker spot, and Harris is line to be the next high-caliber prospect at that position from Alabama.
Round 1 - Pick 11
USC • 6'4" / 273 lbs
The Falcons have to add talent to the outside pass rush, and Jackson pieced together back-to-back productive campaigns for the Trojans.
Round 1 - Pick 12
Texas A&M • 6'5" / 255 lbs
Projected Team
N.Y. Giants
More offensive firepower for Daniel Jones. Wydermeyer looks like the top tight end prospect for 2022.
Round 1 - Pick 13
Cincinnati • 6'3" / 207 lbs
Ridder represents the athletic upside the Vikings have desperately needed at QB during the Kirk Cousins era. He can take off right away behind a strong Minnesota offensive line.
Round 1 - Pick 14
Oklahoma • 6'3" / 240 lbs
The Cardinals edge rusher group is older, and Bonitto showcased first-round traits in 2020 when he registered nine sacks and 11.5 tackles for loss.
Round 1 - Pick 15
Ohio State • 6'6" / 321 lbs
The offensive line reconstruction process doesn't stop for the Steelers after the 2021 draft -- where they picked two blockers. Munford has franchise left tackle talent.
Round 1 - Pick 16
Florida • 6'1" / 191 lbs
Even though the Chargers picked Asante Samuel in Round 2 last week, the cornerback spot could use another young, top-tier talent.
Round 1 - Pick 17
Purdue • 6'4" / 275 lbs
Projected Team
The Titans have to add more to their outside pass rush, and Karlaftis has a first-round profile.
Round 1 - Pick 18
Georgia • 6'3" / 200 lbs
Pickens wasn't as prolific in 2020 as he was as a freshman in 2019, but he absolutely has the talent to go inside the top 20.
Round 1 - Pick 19
Texas A&M • 6'4" / 290 lbs
The Texas A&M star has the size, athleticism, and pressure-creation production to land inside the top 20, and the Eagles have to bring more youth to the outside of their pass rush.
Round 1 - Pick 20
Clemson • 6'0" / 194 lbs
Projected Team
More building of the secondary in Dallas. Booth was a giant recruit and has turned in some of the most ridiculous plays in football in his first two years at Clemson.
Round 1 - Pick 21
South Carolina • 6'4" / 258 lbs
The Jets still have a ways to go before their defensive line is one of the better groups in the conference, and Enagbare can boost that unit.
Round 1 - Pick 22
Alabama • 5'11" / 190 lbs
Jobe has already flashed at Alabama -- 11 pass breakups in 2020 -- and at a listed 6-1 and 192 pounds, he has first-round size.
Round 1 - Pick 23
Boston College • 6'3" / 316 lbs
Johnson looks like he lives in the weight room and would provide more youth at tackle in Indianapolis.
Round 1 - Pick 24
LSU • Sr • 6'6" / 268 lbs
This is a little bit of a prediction of a breakout season, but Gaye will be the biggest, marquee rusher on LSU's defense in 2021.
Round 1 - Pick 25
Oklahoma • 6'4" / 292 lbs
At 6-3 and around 300 pounds, Winfrey has the frame to be a disruptive one-gapping type in Oklahoma's defense.
Round 1 - Pick 26
Michigan • 6'7" / 260 lbs
The Broncos plan for the future on the edge with one of the more polished outside rushers in the class.
Round 1 - Pick 27
Miami (FL) • 6'3" / 209 lbs
The Dolphins have one of the better secondaries in the AFC, and Bolden would strengthen it with his versatility as a rangy, hard-hitting safety.
Round 1 - Pick 28
Clemson • 6'4" / 205 lbs
Ross didn't play in 2020 due to a neck injury but is set to return for the Tigers. Early in Trevor Lawrence's career Ross actually outplayed Tee Higgins for stretches.
Round 1 - Pick 29
Cincinnati • 6'3" / 200 lbs
Gardner and his experience in man coverage will make him a perfect fit in Baltimore.
Round 1 - Pick 30
Ohio State • 6'0" / 192 lbs
Wilson is the sudden separator with strong ball skills Buffalo loves in its offense.
Round 1 - Pick 31
Texas A&M • 6'1" / 215 lbs
The Buccaneers add a dynamic, powerful feature back type to add to an already loaded offense.
Round 1 - Pick 32
Ohio State • 6'1" / 188 lbs
The Chiefs drafted Cornell Powell a few weeks ago, but Olave fits the speed/explosiveness mold Kansas City likes.