If there was one thing that was supposed to be able to cure the Chiefs' recent struggles, it was the bye week. 

For one, Andy Reid is nearly unbeatable after a bye. Before Sunday, Reid had a record of 16-2 in games played after a bye, including a record of 5-0 against teams that had a losing record going into the game. The other reason things were supposed to be looking up is because the Chiefs had a week off to fix an offense that has basically been struggling since Week 6. 

I'm not sure what the Chiefs did during the bye week, but it definitely didn't involve fixing their offense. As a matter a fact, it's almost like the Chiefs read their schedule wrong and took their bye Sunday, because that's the only way to explain Kansas City's shocking 12-9 loss to the Giants

If Reid is looking for an excuse to bench Alex Smith -- and that's not to say he should -- he might be able to talk himself into it after he watches the film from this game. Smith had one of his ugliest outings of the year, throwing more interceptions against the Giants (2) than he had thrown in every other game combined this season (1). 

Since starting the season 5-0, the Chiefs offense has suddenly gone into a freefall, which is a big reason why Kansas City has gone 1-4 over its past five games. After the embarrassing overtime loss to the Giants, Smith had no answers for why the Chiefs have been struggling on offense, other than to say that they're simply "out of rhythm."

"I think that's the thing that jumps out, just out of rhythm," Smith said via quotes distributed by the team. "I think that's what really, especially the last couple of weeks. Even when you're stalling -- there's a lot of times when you're going and you're not scoring, you're still getting in a rhythm, and we aren't. Got to find a way to get going earlier. I felt definitely like that today, that it took us too long to get going and find any kind of rhythm."

One month is long time to be out of rhythm. After averaging 414.2 yards and 32.8 points per game as they jumped out to a 5-0 start, the Chiefs are averaging just 327.6 yards and 19.6 points over their past five games, and Sunday might have been rock bottom with just nine points against a Giants team that got torched for 51 points by the Rams and 31 by the previously 0-9 49ers

The thing that Reid is going to hate the most about this game is that the Chiefs got inside the Giants' 15-yard line a total of three times and came away with zero touchdowns. The Chiefs aren't at the point where they should think about benching Smith, but that point could eventually come if they keep losing. Think about it: if you can't beat the Giants, then there's no more guaranteed wins on the schedule, which means this Chiefs' freefall might not end anytime soon. 

Although the Chiefs' offense has completely disappeared, Reid isn't ready to blame anyone or throw anyone under the bus for the team's 1-4 showing over their past five games. 

"It's tough to win in the National Football League," Reid said. "There is parity. It doesn't matter if you are 1-8 or whatever it might be. There is opportunity. You have to bring you're A-game every week and we have to get ourselves back to playing better. It's my responsibility to do that."

The problem for the Chiefs is that they definitely aren't bringing their "A" game every week. As a matter of fact, the way we see it, they brought their "D" game on Sunday, and they're simply not going to beat many teams when they're playing their "D" game. 

The only upside in all of this for the Chiefs is that the AFC West all of the sudden looks like the worst division in football, and if they can scrape their way to nine wins, that might be enough to win the division. Of course, if the Chiefs were to collapse and miss the playoffs this year, then moving on from Smith to Patrick Mahomes for next season would probably be the easiest decision that Reid has ever made. 

N.Y. Giants 12-9 (OT) over Kansas City

Chiefs: D

If Andy Reid is looking for an excuse to bench Alex Smith, he might be able to talk himself into it after he watches the film from this game. Smith had one of his ugliest outings of the year, throwing more interceptions against the Giants (2) than he had thrown in every other game combined this season (1). Since starting the season 5-0, the Chiefs offense has suddenly gone impotent as Kansas City has gone 1-4 over its past five games. The thing that Reid is going to hate the most about this game is that the Chiefs got inside the Giants' 15-yard line a total of three times and came away with zero touchdowns. Reid's team are usually dominant following a bye -- the Chiefs coach had been 16-2 in his career following an bye week -- but they fell flat against what has been one of 2017's worst teams.

Giants: B

This game seems to have answered the question of whether or not the Giants are quitting on Ben McAdoo, and the answer is no. At 1-8, the Giants had absolutely nothing to play for on Sunday, but they were still able to pull off one of the biggest upsets of the season. McAdoo seems to have finally realized that he needs to do whatever it takes to turn the Giants' season around, and he showed that on Sunday by throwing the kitchen sink at the Chiefs. Not only did he call for a fake punt, but the Giants coach also called a halfback pass.  

Houston 31-21 over Arizona

Cardinals: C-

If Blaine Gabbert has to win a game on his own, then you're probably not going to win, which is something the Cardinals found out in Houston. Gabbert actually played a decent game, but he didn't get any help from a Cardinals ground game that has suddenly disappeared. For the second week in a row, the Cards did everything possible to get Adrian Peterson going and for the second week in a row, Peterson looked like an aging running back who might be nearing the end of his career. Peterson carried the ball 14 times for 26 yards and the most shocking part of that total is that he couldn't even top his 29-yard output from last week's game against the Seahawks

Texans: B

After two straight losses since Deshaun Watson's injury, the Texans finally proved that they can actually win a game without their rookie quarterback under center. The secret to being successful in the Texans' offense is to throw it up to DeAndre Hopkins as often as possible and that's what Tom Savage did against the Cardinals. Savage threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns, with 76 yards and one of those touchdowns going to Hopkins. The Texans also got a huge performance from D'Onta Foreman, who carried the ball 10 times for 65 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately for the Texans, it looks like they're about to lose another talented rookie for the year because Foreman reportedly tore his Achilles

Baltimore 23-0 over Green Bay

Ravens: B-

The Ravens' offense couldn't seem to do anything against the Packers, but that didn't matter on Sunday because they were't really needed, thanks to the fact that Baltimore's defense pulled off one of the most dominant performance from any NFL defense all season. Not only did the Ravens force five turnovers, but they also sacked Brett Hundley six times. The Ravens also forced their third shutout of the year, which is wildly impressive when you consider the fact that there were only three other shutouts in the NFL during the entire season. 

This win marked the first time since 2013 that the Ravens pulled out a victory in a game where they totaled 220 yards or less. 

Packers: F

The Packers turned the ball over on their first three possessions of the game, and as ugly as that was, things somehow actually managed to get even worse after that. Brett Hundley threw three interceptions, the Packers lost two fumbles and the Packers got shut out at home for the first time since November 2006. The Packers' offense was so bad in this game that Mike McCarthy might want to think about giving Colin Kaepernick a call because there's no way he could be worse than Hundley.  

Detroit 27-24 over Chicago

Lions: B+

The most impressive thing about the way Matthew Stafford played isn't that he threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns, but that he did all that even though he played more than half the game with a noticeable limp. Of course, Stafford didn't have to win this game by himself; he got some help from a Lions defense that seems to score every week. A fumble return by D.J. Hayden in the second quarter was the Lions' fifth defensive touchdown of the season, which is the most of any team in the NFL. Marvin Jones also proved that he might be a better wide receiver than a singer. 

The Lions receiver caught four passes for 85 yards and a touchdown. 

Bears: B

Watching Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen play for the Bears on Sunday was like watching two Tasmanian Devils blow through everything in their path. The two running backs helped the Bears rush for 222 yards, marking just the fifth time since 2000 that the Bears have rushed for more than 220 yards in a game. The crazy part is that three of those instances have come this season with Howard and Cohen in the backfield. If the Bears ever develop a passing attack, their offense would likely become nearly impossible to stop. Finally, we don't usually grade individual players, but Connor Barth gets an "F" for completely choking on a 46-yard field goal that would've tied the game with three seconds left to play. 

Jacksonville 19-7 over Cleveland

Jaguars: B

The Jaguars' recipe for success has been pretty simple this season: Feed Leonard Fournette on offense and then let their defense beat the other team to a pulp, and that's exactly how things went down in Cleveland on Sunday. Despite the fact that Fournette said he hates the cold and didn't want to play in the snow, he still carried the ball 28 times for 111 yards. The Jags' defense also made DeShone Kizer an unofficial resident of Sacksonville when they sacked him five times in this game. The Jags have clearly been smelling blood when they play the AFC North. Not only did they sweep the division with this win, but they held three of the teams -- Cleveland, Cincinnati and Baltimore -- to under 200 yards of offense.

Browns: C

If you're wondering how ugly things got for the Browns in this game, they only had four total yards in the first quarter and they didn't reach the red zone a single time in the entire game. The Browns' defense couldn't have played any better, but it doesn't matter how good your defense is when your offense is turning the ball over five times like the Browns did against Jacksonville. 

Minnesota 24-7 over L.A. Rams

Rams: C

If the Rams have proved one thing this season, it's that they live and die by their run game. When Todd Gurley gets going, that sets up the rest of the offense, because the Rams love to run play action to open things up for Goff. Unfortunately for the Rams, Gurley never got going, rushing for just 37 yards on 15 carries, numbers that probably had Rams fans suffering nightmare flashbacks to the Jeff Fisher era. The Rams are now 1-3 this season when they rush for 100 yards or less and 6-0 when they rush for 101 yards or more. The Rams defense also struggled, surrendering a season-high 451 yards to a Vikings offense that's not exactly known for its explosiveness. 

Vikings: A+

For the first time in NFL history, using the words "Case Keenum" and "NFL MVP" in the same sentence doesn't sound completely crazy. Keenum, who played for the Rams last season, got revenge on his old team by throwing for 280 yards and a touchdown. Adam Thielen wasn't trying to get revenge on anyone, but he still had a big day, catching six passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. Keenum also got help from Latavius Murray, who carried the ball 15 times for 95 yards and two touchdowns. As a matter of fact, Keenum pretty much got some help from everyone on the roster because this was Minnesota's best all-round team win of the season. 

Tampa Bay 30-20 over Miami

Buccaneers: B

It's almost fitting that Thanksgiving is this week because the Buccaneers' defense feasted on Jay Cutler with three interceptions in the first half. The Buccaneers defense ended up forcing a total of five turnovers in the game, which led directly to 24 of Tampa's 30 points. The Bucs weren't perfect on defense though -- they did get shredded by Matt Moore -- and that's where Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in. The veteran quarterback did just enough in this game, throwing for 275 yards and two touchdowns, to help Tampa pull out the win. Fitzpatrick's most impressive drive came in the final three minutes when he drove the Bucs 58 yards to set up Patrick Murray's 35-yard game-winning field goal with just four seconds left. 

Dolphins: C

Jay Cutler might want to call Fox this week and see if he can get his job back because it's starting to look like the Dolphins might be better off without him. Cutler got booed off the field after throwing three interceptions in the first half and then got pulled from the game at halftime after being diagnosed with a concussion. Matt Moore then immediate won over the Miami crowd by bringing the Dolphins back from a 13-point deficit to tie things at 20 in the fourth quarter. In his one half of action, Moore threw for 282 yards and a touchdown. In his one half of action, Cutler threw for 83 yards with three interceptions. The Dolphins also didn't help themselves in the penalty department. Miami was flagged 17 times, which is currently the highest total of any team in the NFL through 11 weeks this season. 

New Orleans 34-31 (OT) over Washington

Redskins: B-

The Redskins pulled out all the stops and it still wasn't enough to beat the Saints. For 57 minutes in New Orleans, it looked like the Redskins were going to pull off the upset. Not only did they successfully run a fake punt from their own 15-yard line, but they also led 31-16 with just three minutes left in the game. The Redskins lost this game due to a defensive letdown that will probably give Jay Gruden nightmares every night for the rest of the season, especially if the Redskins miss the playoffs by one game. The 535-yard total by the Saints was the third most the Redskins have given up since 2007. The ugly part for the Redskins is that 213 of those yards game in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime.

Saints: B

Drew Brees has done some amazing things in his career, but what he did over the final six minutes against the Redskins might go down as the most amazing regular season comeback he's ever pulled off. With the Saints trailing 31-16 and just five minutes to play, Brees led the Saints on two long touchdown drives and was perfect on both drives. Over the final six minutes of the game, Brees went 11 for 11 for 164 yards and two touchdowns. The only person who was almost as impressive late in the game was Mark Ingram, who set up the Saints' game-winning field goal in overtime with two carries for 51 yards. It wasn't just overtime where the Ingram trampled the Redskins -- he rushed for 83 yards on just nine carries during regulation, giving him 134 yards for the game. With the win, the Saints are now the first team in the Super Bowl era to reel off eight straight wins after starting the season 0-2

L.A. Chargers 54-24 over Buffalo

Bills: F

Bills coach Sean McDermott gets an "F" here for his decision to bench Tyrod Taylor. In what might go down as the worst coaching decision of all time, McDermott's decision backfired in a historical fashion. In just one half of action, new Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman completed almost as many passes to the Chargers (five) as he did to his own teammates (six). Peterman's five interceptions in the first half were more than Taylor had thrown the entire season (three). Thankfully, McDermott benched Peterman at halftime and didn't let him add to his embarrassing total. 

Chargers: A

It's not often that a player can rack up 159 receiving yards and two touchdowns and get overshadowed in a game, but that's exactly what happened to Keenan Allen. Allen's impressive numbers were basically a sideshow to the circus that was Nathan Peterman's performance. The Chargers' defense abused the Bills rookie quarterback, and really, just abused the Bills all day. Not only did the Chargers' defense pick off five passes, but they also scored two touchdowns. One of those came on a 59-yard pick-six from Korey Toomer while the other one came on a fumble return by Melvin Ingram. The 54 points scored by the Chargers was the team's most since they also scored 54 in 1985. 

Cincinnati 20-17 over Denver

Bengals: B-

The fact that the Bengals won this game was a minor miracle considering they had a punt blocked, missed an extra point and only put up 190 yards of total offense. Including Sunday's win, the Bengals are now 2-41 since 1990 when they rack up 200 or fewer yards on offense. The Bengals can pretty much thank Andy Dalton for the win. Although he didn't put up big numbers, he did come through in the clutch. The Bengals' quarterback threw three touchdown passes -- even though he only completed 15 passes in the entire game -- and he also helped Cincy's offense convert 7 of 15 third downs, including two on one drive late in the fourth quarter where the Bengals were desperately trying to burn the clock. 

Broncos: D

The Broncos' offense basically single-handedly gave this game away for Denver. Brock Osweiler did his part in the first quarter when he threw an interception in the end zone that Dre Kirkpatrick returned 100 yards to set up a Bengals touchdown. C.J. Anderson also played a part in the loss with a second-half fumble that the Bengals would recover and turn into a touchdown. It might be time for Denver to burn their offensive playbook and start over from scratch. Over the weekend, John Elway said the team has been losing because they're soft, but the real reason is because he hasn't brought in a quarterback who's good enough to win in the NFL. 

New England 33-8 over Oakland in Mexico

Patriots: A

It doesn't matter what country you put Tom Brady in, he finds a way to dominate no matter what. With 339 yards against the Raiders, Brady became the first player in NFL history to throw for more than 300 yards in three different countries. Brandin Cooks probably wishes he could play all his games in Mexico after catching six passes for 149 yards and a touchdown. Stephen Gostkowski probably wouldn't mind playing all his games in Mexico, either. The Patriots kicker hit four field goals, including one kick from 62 yards out.

Raiders: F

Losses don't get much uglier than what happened to the Raiders in Mexico. The Raiders played like they weren't able to get their gameplan through customs because they got dominated in every way an NFL team can get dominated. They turned the ball over two times in the first half and were trailing 30-0 before the third quarter even ended. The only silver lining for the Raiders is that the AFC is watered down this year that they're still in the playoff race at 4-6. 

Philadelphia 37-9 over Dallas

Eagles: A

You know you're a Super Bowl contender when your quarterback has a slightly off night and you still win by 28 points. Although Carson Wentz barely completed 50 percent of his passes (14 of 27), the Eagles were still able to roll to the win thanks to a defense that suffocated the Cowboys in the second half. The Cowboys had the ball a total of five times in the half and each of those possessions ended with either a punt or a turnover. The stop were big too because Philly was actually trailing with 11 minutes to go in the third quarter. If we learned one other thing from this game, it's that every team in the NFC probably hates the Dolphins rights now because the Jay Ajyia trade has turned into a steal. Ajayi, who rushed for 91 yards, spearheaded an Eagles rushing attack that totaled 215 yards. As for Wentz, even on his off nights he still looks good. The Eagles quarterback threw two touchdown passes and now has now thrown for multiple scores in each of Philly's past six games, the longest streak in the NFL. 

Cowboys: F

When you look at the final score of this game, it's almost incomprehensible to think that the Cowboys actually led 9-7 at halftime, but that was the case. The Cowboys followed up a picture-perfect first half with a second-half meltdown that had fans heading for the parking lot by the time the fourth quarter started. It didn't help that Dak Prescott played arguably the worst game of his career. The Cowboys quarterback threw for just 145 yards and also threw three interceptions. The Cowboys weren't much better on the other side of the ball as they got trampled by an Eagles offense that rolled up 215 yards on the ground. The end result was the Cowboys' worst home loss since 2004.