Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is getting a bust made in Canton. 

The New England Patriots can't be beat.

The Miami Dolphins can't beat Alabama.

Sammy Watkins is Jerry Rice now.

The Cleveland Browns will be lucky to get to .500.

On an on it goes with NFL Week 1 overreactions. Just remember, you are never as good or as bad as you look in Week 1.

Want proof? A year ago in the opening week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints 48-40 at the Superdome in a game that saw Ryan Fitzpatrick throw for 417 yards and four touchdowns.

The Saints were buried. Fitzpatrick was being hailed as the Bucs' long-term answer. We know how that played out.

Tampa Bay was a disaster. Fitzpatrick was benched and the Saints ended up a missed call away from the Super Bowl.

So slow down on all the Week 1 talk. It might be fool's gold.

After a shaky offensive start, I have dropped the Green Bay Packers from the top spot into the second spot behind the Patriots, who looked dominant in a blowout of the Steelers.

The Patriots also added Antonio Brown to their receiving group last week, making the rich get richer.

They are the team to beat in the NFL.

Just remember, though, we've only had one week. Slow the roll. 

Biggest Movers
9 Titans
18 Jaguars
1 Patriots And the beat goes on? This team just keeps playing at a Super Bowl level. Now they are adding Antonio Brown? Watch out. 1 1-3-0
2 Packers That defense looked special against the Bears. The offense struggled, but it won't stay that way. 1 2-2-0
3 Chiefs That offense is unstoppable at times with Patrick Mahomes. Not having Tyreek Hill will hurt in a big way for however long he's out. 2 3-1-0
4 Rams Winning on the road to open the season against a good Carolina team says the Super Bowl hangover won't be an issue. Getting Todd Gurley going in the second half was big. 1 2-2-0
5 Chargers Melvin Gordon who? Austin Ekeler was sensational against the Colts in the overtime victory. The defense needs to tighten up. 1 2-2-0
6 Saints They need to tighten up that defense if they are going to get to the Super Bowl. Facing the Rams on the road on a short week won't be easy. 1 2-2-0
7 Eagles They started slowly against the Redskins, but Carson Wentz got it going in the second half. That's the Eagles team we expect to see. 1 4-0-0
8 Vikings The defense really dominated against the Falcons and Dalvin Cook was special. That's the Mike Zimmer formula for success. 6 1-3-0
9 Cowboys Dak Prescott's push for a big contract got help with his four-touchdown game against the Giants. The Cowboys impressed in a big way. 8 3-1-0
10 Ravens Lamar Jackson showed he could be a changed passer this season against Miami. Then again, Miami is awful so we need more of a body of work. 6 3-1-0
11 Seahawks They didn't look great against the Bengals, but they found a way late to pull it out. The offensive line had some major issues. 1 3-1-0
12 Titans They dominated the Browns on the road, serving notice that they might be better than many expected. The defense was outstanding. 9 2-2-0
13 Falcons That was not a pretty way to open their season against the Vikings. Was that an aberration or a sign they aren't as good as I thought? 7 2-2-0
14 Steelers They just can't beat the Patriots and Tom Brady. They looked out of sorts against New England. 5 2-2-0
15 Bears If they don't get Mitch Trubisky playing at a higher level, they could be in big trouble. Even their defense won't be able to bail them out. 4 0-4-0
16 Bills Coming from down 16-3 to pull out a victory late against the Jets is a good sign for this young team. They are going to be a handful every week. 4 3-1-0
17 Browns So much for the hype? The offensive line is a mess an could undo this entire offseason. 4 2-2-0
18 49ers They found a way against Tampa on a long trip to open the season, which is a good sign. Jimmy Garoppolo needs to be better, but that defense was really good. 5 4-0-0
19 Texans They competed at New Orleans, but the defense let them down. It sure looked like they missed Jadeveon Clowney. 4 2-2-0
20 Panthers They lost to a good team to open the season against the Rams, but there were a lot of areas of concern. They need to turn it around quickly with a Thursday game against the Bucs. 2 0-4-0
21 Raiders Give Jon Gruden credit. Even through all the Antonio Brown drama, he had his team ready to play against Denver. But now here come the Chiefs. 6 1-3-0
22 Colts The running game was impressive against the Chargers with Marlon Mack. If they can keep that up, they will stay in a lot of games. The secondary had some issues. 3 2-2-0
23 Jets Sam Darnold needs to be better than what he was against the Bills. They face a big Monday night game next with the Browns. 1 1-3-0
24 Bengals They showed some impressive stuff against Seattle last Sunday. The defensive front will keep them in a lot of games. 2 1-3-0
25 Lions They blew a big lead against Arizona and settled for a tie. There were some coaching blunders down the stretch. 4 3-1-0
26 Cardinals Kyler Murray struggled for three quarters, but came alive in the fourth against the Lions. Did he figure it out? Or did coach Kilff Kingsbury figure it out? 4 1-3-0
27 Broncos That nasty defense didn't show up against the Raiders. If that's the case going forward, this team won't win a lot of games. 3 1-3-0
28 Jaguars With Nick Foles out with a broken clavicle, it's Gardner Minshew time. The rookie impressed against Kansas City, but can he do it for the long run? 18 2-2-0
29 Buccaneers The Bruce Arians era got off the same type of start as recent regimes with Jameis Winston turning it over. That has to stop or he won't be the long-term guy. 4 3-1-0
30 Commanders They showed some impressive offense in the first half against the Eagles, which is a good sign. Case Keenum had his moments, but losing Derrius Guice for a bit will hurt. 2 2-2-0
31 Giants It's going to be a long season for the Giants. They just don't have enough talent to compete for a playoff spot. -- 1-3-0
32 Dolphins That was even worse than we expected against the Ravens. This is going to be a brutal season for the Dolphins. Now here come the Patriots. -- 3-1-0