Have you seen this goalie? Police are looking for him. YouTube/RCMP Manitoba

"Somebody call the cops!" is a common refrain from hockey broadcasters when a goalie robs another player of a goal. Well, someone had to literally called the cops on the goalie you're about to meet.

In what can only be described as the most Canadian crime story ever (Non-Moose Division), a man wearing goalie pads and carrying a goalie stick broke into a local beer store along with an accomplice and stole three cases from the refrigerator inside.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Russell, Manitoba have released the video showing the two men breaking the store's glass door, entering and stealing three cases of Budweiser (OK, so maybe not the most Canadian crime story ever). The first man breaks the door with a rock, then is closely followed by a man wearing a hockey jersey, overalls and a goalie's catching glove and blocker, while carrying a large goalie stick.

Here is the footage in all its glory:

The police blotter from the Russell Banner newspaper started making the rounds on social media Thursday. Former NHL defenseman Cale Hulse was among the many to share it:

The RCMP then released the video Friday afternoon, posting it on YouTube with the title "No. 17 in your playbooks, No. 1 on the Russell Manitoba RCMP wanted list."

More on this bizarre case from the Winnipeg Free Press:

"It was different," RCMP Cpl. Brett Church said Thursday. "I've never seen that before. Very bizarre."

The thief had help. An accomplice threw a rock through a glass door and went into at the vendor at about 2:40 a.m., and was followed inside by the nefarious netminder.

"He was wearing everything but a (goalie) mask," Church said, adding the man had a tuque pulled down over his head.

He added the man was holding the goalie stick "in his weak hand... like he's walking in a goalie stance. He must be a goalie."

Must be. And he also must be partial to his stick side, because he never dropped the twig, not even as he grabbed two cases of beer from the fridge while the other guy only took one. We've got a veteran on our hands here.

According to the Free Press, the RCMP are trying to blow up the video to determine what kind of jersey the goalie was wearing. It also might not be a bad idea to see which of the local beer league teams has the best locker room stash. Or just look for the goalie who might not be as steady on his feet.