Things got pretty weird in the OHL. RogersTV/@mkmolnar

Things were already out of hand on the scoreboard Wednesday night during a game between the Mississauga Steelheads and the Guelph Storm in the Ontario Hockey League, but it took a rather bizarre turn with about six minutes to play in the second period.

With the home Steelheads throttling Guelph 7-2 at that point, an apparently (definitely) over-served fan thought then was a good a time as any to get involved in the game. The hoodie-clad man scaled the glass and scurried to center ice, falling before he could get there.

Meanwhile, the bewildered players and referees couldn't do much other than watch. The refs directed the players to their benches and they just kind of stood around waiting for security. Meanwhile, this guy had the ice all to himself.

Now, normally, I wouldn't advocate giving hockey's version of a pitch invader the attention, but I couldn't help but cackle when this guy just keeps running around unimpeded.

Seriously people, don't do this, but... I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at it.

According to Guelph beat writer Tony Saxon, the invader ran around for about 45 seconds before being corralled.

This is top-level Canadian junior hockey, but you're still dealing with a fairly small security staff. On top of that, how many people train to take out an invader on the ice? The glass is usually enough to keep the crazies off the ice surface, but it didn't work out this time.

This guy is lucky, though. When this happens in the NHL, it usually ends a lot worse for the fan.

Mississauga earned an 11-3 win and might be getting a call from the OHL office to beef up security next time.