The XFL is now in full swing and it's currently enjoying a flood of positive reviews on the heels of the inaugural season's kickoff, as the league did a masterful job of eliminating the gimmicks from its first failed stint 20 years ago while introducing innovations that could make the NFL rub its collective chin. With its first four games in the books, the XFL isn't poised to self-destruct like its Alliance of American Football (AAF) counterpart did one year prior, the latter failing to complete a full season before imploding due to a rash of poor financial decisions.

So while the AAF never made it to its championship game, the XFL should have no issue doing so, and is already looking forward to its first trophy ceremony in 2020. The location of the XFL championship has reportedly been set for the City of Houston at TDECU Stadium on the University of Houston campus, per Joseph Duarte of The Houston Chronicle, with the Harris-County Sports Authority joining the league on Thursday to make the official announcement. 

Logistically, this locale makes perfect sense, considering it's also where the XFL held training camp for the Houston Roughnecks prior to the opening of the season. Obviously, the Roughnecks would like to make a run at appearing in the XFL championship, seeing as it's being held in their home city and on a field they're acclimated to -- giving them a decided advantage. That would give the XFL another quirk over the usual NFL ongoings, because the latter has rarely hosted a Super Bowl wherein one of the teams resided in the host city. 

It's still early in the 10-week campaign though, and the 1-0 Roughnecks still have long road ahead of them to make their dream come true. The other seven clubs want their seat at that table as well, and if all continues to go to plan for the XFL, fans should enjoy watching the battles en route to the mini-Big Game.

Playoffs for the XFL begin Saturday, April 18, with the championship set to take place on Sunday, April 26.