Maxim Dadashev has died as a result of injuries sustained in a Friday night TKO loss, his trainer Buddy McGirt and strength coach Donatas Janusevicius confirmed to ESPN on Tuesday. Dadashev is survived by his wife, Elizaveta Apushkina, and their young son. Apushkina addressed the untimely death of her husband in a statement provided to CBS Sports. 

"It is with great sadness that I confirm the passing of my husband, Maxim Dadashev," Apushkina said. "He was a very kind person who fought until the very end. Our son will continue be raised to be a great man like his father. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone that cared for Maxim during his final days. I ask that everyone please respect our privacy during this very difficult time."     

Russian Boxing Federation secretary general Umar Kremlev said his organization will begin an investigation "into the circumstances that led to the death." In addition, Kremlev announced the Federation will support Dadashev's family financially. 

"We lost Maxim Dadashev today, Kremlev said. "Our pupil. We will fully support his family, including financially. We will complete the investigation into the circumstances surrounding this fight; we need to know the truth about what happened."

Dadashev, of St. Petersburg, Russia, was competing in an IBF junior welterweight title bout eliminator against Subriel Matias when the bout was stopped by McGirt following the 11th round after his fighter had continued to sustain damage to the head throughout. 

"Great, great guy. He was a trainer's dream," McGirt said following the loss of Dadashev. "If I had two more guys like him, I wouldn't need anybody else because he was truly dedicated to the sport."

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Upon the stoppage, Dadashev required assistance from the ring and was eventually stretchered out from the arena after he began vomiting as he neared the dressing room. He was transported to a local hospital where he underwent brain surgery over the weekend in an attempt to save his life and was placed in a medically-induced coma. Saturday morning, his neurosurgeon, Mary IH Cobb, explained Dadashev suffered a brain bleed on the right side and was exhibiting symptoms of severe brain damage.

At the time, Cobb expressed some optimism that Dadashev could eventually enjoy a strong recovery, but unfortunately, that never came to pass. 

Dadashev (13-1) was just 28 years of age.