Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight results, highlights: Legends fight to a draw in exhibition match


Ahead of Saturday's exhibition fight between boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., it was impossible to predict what would happen in the ring. At a combined 105 years of age and with uncertainty over the rules ahead of the event, an already unpredictable situation felt even harder to figure out. But once the men got in the ring, they went as hard as could be asked for over eight, two-minute rounds leading to a split draw on the WBC-assigned judges scorecards.

The fight was a little rough around the edges, with neither man committing to a true volume of strikes. Neither seemed to throw more than or two punches at a time before ending up in the clinch to be broken up by referee Ray Corona. Tyson occasionally landed his trademark left hook at a distance while Jones showed flashes of his old self with no-look jabs and showboating to boot.

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Tyson seemed to pile up most of the early rounds, landing the cleaner punches and muscling Jones in the clinch. Jones was the more visibly fatigued man in the corner between rounds, but he continued to try to gut out the fight, turning up his volume in the later rounds. This despite Tyson being far more removed from his time as a professional fighter.

Jones' late work served to score him enough late rounds to earn the win on one scorecard and a draw on the other. With Tyson winning the third scorecard, the fight was left a somewhat unsatisfying draw.

While Tyson said he was happy with the result, Jones was less thrilled, saying after the fight, "I wear draws, I don't do draws."

After the fight, Tyson told interviewer Jim Gray that he planned to move forward fighting more exhibitions and even seemed interested in running it back with Jones.

"I'm used to doing it for three minutes," Tyson said of the rounds. "Sometimes, that two minutes felt like three minutes. I'm happy I got this under my belt to keep doing this and go further."

Jones was less committed to fighting again, stating simply that it was "hard to say."

Tyson did shut down any idea of coming back to the ring as a professional, however.

"This is bigger than fighting and winning the championship," Tyson said of competing in exhibitions where he donates money to charity. "We're humanitarians and we're helping people."

While Tyson and Jones' in-ring performance definitely turned heads, what fans heard on the broadcast may have been just as good. Rap icon Snoop Dogg joined the team for the final two fights and the card and delivered some great one-liners while also openly rooting for Jones in the main event.

The lightness provided by Snoop's commentary carried over into the post-fight interviews with Jones and Tyson, with the once feared fighters joking with each other while they basked in the bright lights of the sport's biggest stage decades after being two of the biggest stars of their era.

In the co-main event, Jake Paul showed he may have some serious power in his hands when he scored a vicious knockout of former NBA star Nate Robinson in the second round. Paul dropped Robinson twice before leaving him out cold on the canvas with a brutal right hook. He the YouTube sensation is now 2-0 as a pro with a pair of knockouts.

CBS Sports was with you throughout the entire way on Saturday, read on for our live results and highlights below. 

Fight card, results

  • Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. results in an unofficial split draw
  • Jake Paul def. Nate Robinson via second-round TKO
  • Badou Jack def. Blake McKernan via unanimous decision (80-72, 80-72, 80-72)
  • Jamaine Ortiz def. Sulaiman Segawa via seventh-round TKO

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Tyson said he is "good with" the draw.

Jones says he's never satisfied with a draw but said Tyson is strong and everything he hit with hurt.

Official result: The fight is ruled a draw.

It should be noted that the "official score" is unofficial in that this is an exhibition as well as the fight being scored by remote WBC-assigned judges and not California State Athletic Commission judges.

This one is over and it was a hard fight to score and may well be a draw. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Jones (76-76 draw)

Tyson tries to push in again and he lands a nice shot before clinching.

Jones lands a little flurry there and starts taunting and then lands another combo.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. -- Round 8: Jones is throwing as Tyson bull rushes in to work the body and both men land a nice shot. 

Both men miss at distance before clinching. Interesting stuff with Jones flurrying that round. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Jones (67-66 Tyson)

Again Jones flurries and Tyson goes to the body. Things are picking up in this round.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. -- Round 7: Immediately into the clinch and Jones lands a big combination after they break and another. Tyson responds with a flurry to the body. 

Big leaping left from Jones lands at the end of the round. Close round. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Jones (58-56 Tyson)

Jones slips a couple punches from Tyson and Tyson is clearly in better shape here and is more aggressive.

Tyson rips to the body again and those body shots have been good tools for Tyson tonight.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. -- Round 6: Tyson lands a body shot that almost went a bit low and Jones again clinches. 

Jones throws a few jabs while looking away from Tyson. they trade in a big exchange at the end of the round. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Tyson (49-46 Tyson)

Tyson working the ribs in the clinch again. Right hand lands for Tyson and then a big left.

Jones with a little combination that gets in and he pushes Tyson back to the ropes. 

Jones misses all three punches of a combination and then lands a jab before clinching again.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. -- Round 5: Jones looks tired in the corner and Tyson looks the fresher man. Tyson with two jabs and a right to the body.

Jones lands a little combo and Tyson digs back to the body. Another round down. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Tyson (39-37 Tyson)

Jones lands a jab and they fall right back to the clinch where they grind on each other. Tyson with two big body shots and Jones holds on.

Jones trying to use more movement and dance but Tyson is just driving forward to get the clinch. 

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. -- Round 4: Jones leaps in for a left hook and Jones clinches again. Jones lands a jab and slips and then lands a left hook. 

Another round in the books. Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9 Jones (29-28 Tyson)

Jones slips a Tyson shot and back to the clinch they go. 

Jones pops the jab and lands a right. Back to more clinch work and Tyson misses a hook as they break. Jones looks to get the better of a little exchange there.

More clinching and there's a clash of heads, neither man is cut though.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. -- Round 3: Jones opens with a jab and then he peppers Tyson to toe body in the clinch. Syson lands a left and they clinch again. 

More clinch work and Jones hasn't really done enough to win the rounds with Tyson only needing a couple punches. Jones lands a little left in the clinch and the round comes to an end after a Jones body shot. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Tyson (20-18 Tyson)

Tyson gets a little right hand in over Roy's guard and lands to the body in the clinch.

Tyson lands a good left hook and Jones dances and hits a few strong jabs.

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