Less than two weeks after a curious no-call played out in favor of Kentucky against Texas A&M, a missed foul call against Florida all but doomed the Wildcats in a similar scenario.

With the clock ticking down on Saturday against Florida and the Wildcats trailing by 2 points, wing P.J. Washington got hacked taking it up to the rim. But instead of drawing a foul that would've given UK a chance to tie the game by way of foul shots, it lead to an inbounds play that ultimately produced nothing as UK lost 66-64.

Kentucky coach John Calipari avoided answering whether or not he thought the play should've drawn a foul, but his indirect response said all you need to know.

Unsurprisingly, Florida coach Mike White saw something else.

In a bang-bang play like that, it's absolutely a tough call. But needless to say that in a potential game-altering scenario such as that one, there's almost never going to be a case where both coaches agree on a controversial ending. That's how things go.