While Georgia guard J.J. Frazier attempted free-throws on the other end of the floor, Bulldogs coach Mark Fox smartly took the time to huddle his team in the closing minutes of its game with Auburn as Georgia tried to hold its 11-point lead.

But there was only one problem: If Frazier's down the court shooting free-throws ... why exactly are there five guys in the huddle?!

Oh, whew, it's cool. It's just an opposing player. Come on in, friendly foe.

It was all good until a Dawgs assistant finally spotted and called out the mole in the huddle, T.J. Dunans.

Dunans' effort to steal trade secrets didn't ultimately make a big difference. The Tigers would only score three more points the rest of the game and dropped their SEC opener. But hey, props to Dunans for giving it a shot anyway. It certainly couldn't hurt.