There’s a YouTube user (IrishKidd84) creating 8-bit highlights of famous college football moments in the Tecmo Bowl style. Not all heroes wear capes, but Kyle Mac is delivering the goods with these nostalgic re-enactments. 

This week, he crafted his masterpiece: a Tecmo Bowl version of Auburn’s miraculous “Kick Six” against Alabama in the 2013 Iron Bowl. 

Another great highlight from the collection is Clemson’s title-game win against the Tide in January with Deshuan Watson’s game-winning touchdown pass. 

The videos work perfectly with the call and the celebration graphics, a style that has allowed Mac to go back and pick moments from any era. 

There’s Vince Young’s incredible Rose Bowl win against USC -- a game that can also be relived with Dennis Dodd’s oral history from 2016. 

And the hook-and-ladder/Statue of Liberty that powered Boise State to its Fiesta Bowl upset of Oklahoma