Many Georgia fans traded in the school's black and red apparel for pink on Saturday, in support of their opponent Arkansas State's coach Blake Anderson and his wife Wendy, who died from breast cancer last month. Anderson took a leave of absence after his wife died but came back to coaching the Red Wolves last week, a game that resulted in a 43-17 win at UNLV and coached his team against the Bulldogs this weekend. 

The Sanford Stadium crowd participated in a "pink out" to honor Wendy, who died on August 19 after a two-year cancer battle. The fans hope their pink attire will bring awareness to breast cancer awareness and show support to their opponent's coach. 

A Bulldogs Fighting Breast Cancer Twitter account started the movement and posted the plan using the hashtag #WearPinkForWendy saying, "It's bigger than a football game." The founders of the page, Jay and Teresa Abbott want to spread the message that no one fights alone, no matter what team you have an alliance with. 

Anderson was taken back by the outpouring of support, and said the love from fans made him emotional. "It's a completely genuine, classy gesture from people that don't know you. Very surprising and obviously very much appreciated," Anderson said. "Just caught me off guard, to be honest with you. Teared me up. I wasn't expecting it, and extremely flattered and thankful for those folks and so many others that have stepped up in so many different ways." He responded on Twitter to the Bulldogs Fighting Breast Cancer tweet saying, "Beyond grateful... thank you." 

The Abbott's decided to start the foundation after Theresa fought an aggressive form of cancer for 18 months before being determined cancer free. Their son Chris was playing football for Georgia at the time Teresa was diagnosed. According to their website, they have raised over $750,000 for breast health imaging programs at Atlanta-area hospitals.