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The family of former Kansas football player Caperton Humphrey is considering legal action against former Kansas football coach Les Miles, former athletic director Jeff Long and the KU athletic department following a 2019 dispute between Humphrey and a group of teammates that led to his separation from the program, according to the Kansas City Star

Miles declined to meet with Humphrey, a junior fullback, and his father as they sought a resolution, according to the Star, and he suggested to the players involved that they settle their differences on the practice field. Long, meanwhile, is scarcely mentioned in the report other than to note that he was not represented in a signed agreement that led to Humphrey's separation from the program. Miles, Long and that Reed and other representatives from Kansas declined to comment to the Star.

Humphrey suspected the group of KU teammates of loosening the lug nuts on one of his tires after they'd been in an argument, but there was no evidence and no arrest was made. The Humphreys also relayed information to KU's compliance director David Reed that some of the players in question were selling marijuana.

Those instances, among other things such as altercations at practice, led to a confrontation involving several players in Humphrey's apartment during which police were called. Although no police report was created, Reed, a family friend of the Humphreys, said the KU athletic department would help resolve the simmering tension, the Star reported.

Humphrey and his family agreed to an arrangement reportedly signed by Reed that called for Humphrey to leave campus and complete his studies online at his home in West Virginia. The arrangement, which the Humphreys signed, covered tuition, along with monthly stipend checks and moving expenses -- around $50,000 in benefits. In exchange, the signed document stated the Humphrey family would not publicly disparage Kansas or its employees, the Star reported.

"Les Miles and Jeff Long swept this under the rug and tried to buy our silence," Humphrey's father, Jamie Humphrey, told the Star. "This is how they operated while representing Kansas."

Ultimately, Caperton Humphrey told the Star that the situation "cost me everything," and his father said that his son has battled depression and has started to see a psychologist since the ordeal. Miles and Kansas parted ways in March amid misconduct allegations stemming from his time at LSU. He went just 3-18 in two seasons with the Jayhawks.