Tennessee opened its season with a win over Appalachian State at home last week, but it wasn't the prettiest of victories. The Vols actually trailed Appalachian State for the majority of the game before scoring a fourth-quarter touchdown to tie it. They then won in overtime.

It wasn't exactly the kind of performance Tennessee fans were hoping to see from a team entering the 2016 season with lofty expectations, and there was at least one young Vols fan in particular who did not like what she saw.

Emily Thomas is a second grade teacher, and she tweeted out a photo of her student's project. This young lady is not optimistic.

"Last night, I went to my nana's house to watch the football game. We suck. That game was a nightmare. We almost lost. It relly [sic] was a nightmare. Go Vols," she wrote.

I can only imagine what next week's project will look like if Tennessee loses to Virginia Tech.

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