Washington was trying to fool everybody on a kickoff in the first half of Saturday's game against Oregon.

Huskies returner Chico McClatcher was back deep to receive and laid down in the end zone in an effort to disguise himself from the Oregon special teams unit. It worked as he received a pass from across the field, which he returned to the Washington 47-yard line.

However, the Huskies were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and the play was nullified.

Since Washington was wearing purple uniforms, the team decided to try and blend in McClatcher with the purple-painted end zone. Clearly, no Oregon player initially noticed him as McClatcher nearly made it to midfield on the return.

"One of the things they put in a year or two ago was you cannot take a player and lay him down to decoy like he's not on the field," ESPN's rules expert Bill Lemonnier said. "And he laid down in the end zone to blend in with the end zone, so the kicking team couldn't see him. Then he got up, and he's the guy that caught the backward pass. That's why it's an unsportsmanlike conduct foul."

It's obviously a fair call considering that the Ducks were unable to see him. Regardless, it's a pretty bold move for the Huskies to try and pull it off.