Amateur goalie plays 90-minute match with bullet in his head

An amateur goalkeeper in Bosnia fought through a pounding headache and finished a 90-minute match outside Sarajevo. Nothing too special about that. He later decided to seek medical attention, however, after experiencing stiffness in his arm and difficulty speaking.

Turns out there was a bullet in his head.

Duško Krtalica, 51, was rushed into surgery to have the bullet extracted, according to a Bosnian newspaper.

The details of just how a bullet found its way into an innocent bystander's skull are sketchy, at best. The best theory so far is that a nearby wedding-goer celebrated the ceremony by firing his handgun, and several bullets rained down on the pitch, with one of the projectiles finding Krtalica's head.

Somehow, Krtalica only surrendered a single goal. 

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