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The Kentucky Derby is a party with snappy outfits, horse betting and mint juleps. Jack Harlow and Drake certainly embodied all of it on Saturday during a pre-race interview on NBC Sports. The two artists recently collaborated on Churchill Downs, a song on Harlow's new album Come Home the Kids Miss You, so it was fitting that they attended the race together.

Harlow grew up in Louisville and said he remembers watching the race on TV. Now he is excited to experience it in person. In fact, he described his mood as "phenomenal."

"We are enjoying it the way we want to enjoy it," he said. "This life is about curating the way you want to curated. It being a local thing makes it sweeter."

Harlow was then asked if he and Drake were filming a music video for the new song, to which he simply replied that there is "something going on." As if on cue, Drake walked into the interview to "eavesdrop" before actually joining the conversation. He had clearly already enjoyed some cocktails, which he admitted in the middle of saying how proud he was of Harlow. 

"I'm so proud of this guy and we are drunk," Drake said.

Since the main event of the evening is horse racing, the two artists were asked about their picks. Drake said they had a couple things going on, including what he likely meant to say was an exacta. 

Harlow said the decision of picking a favorite wasn't exactly a difficult one because there was something that drew him to a specific horse. 

"We were forced to make a move on the one and only Happy Jack because he is really doing a good description of how I feel right now," Harlow said before producers started giving the "wrap-it-up" signal.