Tony Hawk Promotes New Sirius Radio Show
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Tony Hawk has landed one of his iconic tricks for the final time. In a video posted to his Instagram page, Hawk showcased the process of attempting his "last ever" Ollie 540 on a half pipe. 

After landing the trick, Hawk revealed that this would be the final Ollie 540 that he attempts in his skateboarding career. The godfather of skateboarding also broke down in tears moments after landing the trick.

"Kinda sad," Hawk said while breaking down in tears. "I'm like a little sad. I've never had much finality to anything but that was definitely the last one I'll ever do. F*** it. Happy I made it. Thanks guys for hanging in there with me."

The 52-year old skateboard first landed the move back in 1989 and has spent his entire 32-year career working on the trick. During this particular process, Hawk wiped out on many occasions, but never threw in the towel as he was destined to land the Ollie 540 one last time.

While attempting to land the Ollie 540, Hawk also posted that he did injured his pinky and blood was clearly visible in a post on his Instagram story.

In January, Hawk also landed what he could be his final 720. Much like the Ollie 540, it took Hawk several attempts to complete the trick and he did acknowledge that this could be the final 720 of his career.

"I can't say for certain that this is the last one I'll ever do, but I can't imagine doing many more," Hawk tweeted.