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In sports, a team that is winning is usually celebrated. That's not exactly the case for one youth football team in Texas. The Flower Mound Rebels, made up of children between the ages of seven and eight, are the top team in their Texas youth football association but were removed from the playoffs because they are "too good."

The Flower Mound Rebels have outscored their opponents 199-6 and not lost a game all season. Keller Youth Association Vice President Rhett Taylor, whose team recently lost to the Flower Mound Rebels 33-0, said that the team actually plays too well to continue facing the competition in the rec league.

Here's what Taylor said, via NBC News:

"They are too good. I fully admit it. They are a select-level team. They are too good for a rec-level team."

Taylor added after his team lost that parents of kids on other teams would cause "a problem" if the Flower Mound Rebels continued their playoff run and played in the finals.

An eight year old on the Flower Mound Rebels, center Greyson Tanner, was disappointed with the decision, telling NBC, "I feel like we deserve to play in the playoffs."

Flower Mound Rebels Coach Ragan Montero seconded that notion and went further, calling Taylor a "sore loser" who was "changing the rules so it benefits him."

The Flower Mound Rebels have only been in the youth league for one year.