VIDEO: Fan ruins marathoner's world-record moment

A marathon runner, on the verge of breaking the world record this past Sunday at the Berlin Marathon, had his moment stolen from him after an unruly fan decided to be an all-time jackass, albeit a hilarious one. 

Wilson Kipsang, a Kenyan distance runner, finished the course in a mind-numbing 2:03:23 – 15 seconds faster than the previous record. He averaged a 4:42 pace (!!) per mile.

Imagine striding to the finish line, just steps away from breaking the banner, only to have some punk beat you to the finish line. That’s basically what happened. Trolling at its finest.

To make matters even worse, the man was apparently wearing a shirt that promoted a German escort service, according to The New York Times. 

Don’t feel too bad for Kipsang. He pocketed $54,000 for winning the race on top of a $68,000 bonus for setting the world record. 

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