Instagram Screenshot / @zane.the.doberman

Rarely, if ever, is a cornerback able to make a graceful recovery after getting embarrassed off the line of scrimmage, but that's what makes this Doberman (yes, the dog) an exception to the rule. An Instagram video posted to the dog's account (yes, his account) Saturday showed off the talent this Doberman, named Zane, has on the defensive side of the ball, and also that he can play more than just fetch.

After getting juked off the line, Zane seems to leap his entire body length in the opposite direction of the receiver he's guarding, the dog is able to use his incredible speed to not just make his way back to his man, but also get in the way of the catch to force an incompletion. The performance was impressive enough to get someone off-screen to yell "good D! good D!"

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Getting that work in with my buddy Geoff. @gjamiel36

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In a move that would certainly make the likes of Richard Sherman proud, the highlight of the clip happens after the broken-up pass when the pooch leaps twice, almost as if to get in the face of the receiver he just beat.

With proper coaching on his footwork technique, Zane surely has the makings of an athletic cornerback that would catch the eyes of a team like the Lions, Raiders, Vikings or 49ers if he were draft eligible this season, although it's unclear if he's three years removed from his obedience school graduation.