When a game is close you always hear coaches saying things like, "keep your foot on the gas," "step on their throats" and "deliver the knockout blow."

Trite sayings like that have little-to-no impact on the athletes, but now -- thanks to this table tennis player -- we have a visual representation of what that means.

Trailing 6-5 in the middle of a match, this uber-confident young man saw an opportunity to not only win the point, but also rip the heart out of his opponent's chest.

He just nailed a behind-the-back smash in the middle of a game. There's no coming back from that.

All you need to do is look at his poor opponent directly after the shot. You can almost see all the confidence draining from his body.

This isn't the first time this kid has delighted table tennis audiences on Instagram. He also demonstrated his skills in videos like these.

PONGISLIFE IS BACK BOYSSSS pls ignore the messy hair #tricksoutforharambe

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when u lowkey reppin canada in the background. @allan_zhou @super_athletes #super_athletes

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If there's ever an "And 1 Mixtape" tour for table tennis, this kid is going to be the main attraction.

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