No hoop is safe. Instagram

This is a public service announcement that if you have a hoop in your driveway, it might not be safe. The "Drive-by Dunk Challenge" has taken off and all it requires is a basketball, a car and (occasionally) some solid background music.

No rim around the world is safe, as this meme appears to have gone global. Don't believe us? Check out this supercut of dunks from Australia. 

the last vid though 😹 #drivebydunkchallenge @farren_parfitt

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But the threat still looms local, and no landscape is free from this menace. Live in the city? The country? Even the suburbs? These rogue dunkers are everywhere and they're just waiting to unleash some vicious dunks on your unsuspecting hoop. 

It doesn't require a great deal of athleticism, though some is needed to accomplish some of the windmills that these kids are attempting. 

And of course it should be known that if you attempt to do the challenge without the requisite skills, the authorities (re: the laws of physics) will find you and shut you down. 


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