Philo Brathwaite couldn't believe his shot went in, either. Screen Shot/Central Coast Disc Golf

Making a hole-in-one is one of the hardest things to do in sports.

But a double eagle without even being able to see the hole? Impossible.

Disc golfer Philo Brathwaite defied the laws of physics at the 2016 Beaver State Fling in Oregon, nailing his second shot on a par-five with a dogleg so vicious that he couldn't even see the hole when he lined up for his shot.

Brathwaite put a tremendous amount of spin on the disc, bending it around the corner and straight into the hole -- or, basket in this case.

Brathwaite was just as surprised as everyone else when he turned the corner to see his shot actually went in to earn him an albatross (golf term for double eagle).

"That was awesome, man," he said. "I had no idea it went in. I was just thinking, 'Yes, I made the corner, finally, once in my life.' Even better than in the corner, in the basket."

Despite his albatross, Brathwaite finished second at the tournament, behind Richard Wysocki. Brathwaite did take home close to $3,000 in prize money though, along with the memory of a lifetime.

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