TRUE Linkswear

As the game of golf evolves, new brands like TRUE Linkswear and Radmor are transforming the type of apparel that golfers wear on the course. The respective brands not only want their customers to look good while playing but be comfortable at the same time with breathable, high-performance gear.

On Thursday, TRUE Linkswear CEO Jason Moore and Radmor co-founder Scott Morrison joined CBS Sports HQ at the 2022 PGA Show to discuss their respective brands.

TRUE Linkswear is a brand of all-terrain golf shoes that are both comfortable and durable for golfers that are walking several miles on the course.

"We wanted to make true links gear," Moore said. Watch his entire interview in the above player. "Something that was actually designed to walk seven or 14 miles in on 36-hole days that could also be waterproof enough to go play in Scotland or Ireland. Something breathable for hot weather climates that players are playing in. We didn't think that was represented well in the marketplace. We launched and had no idea that it would turn into this, but we're thrilled. The response from the golf community has been phenomenal."

Meanwhile, Radmor is a brand of golf apparel that is made from natural, sustainable fibers. It sells everything from polo shirts to hats to T-shirts.

"There's been a big resurgence in trying to focus on natural, sustainable fibers," Morrison said. Watch his entire interview in the below player. "Cotton is a great example of that. We use Peruvian pima cotton that is a non-GMO renewable resource and trying to inject that with a little bit of stretch to give it some performance attributes. We came into the golf business trying to do something a little bit different, and this is really been something that's been happening in the fashion industry for a long time, but golf has been slow to adopt."