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The products

The Qore Performance products are "base layer garments are paired with specially designed thermal packs that actively regulate body temperature without compromising performance."

So what does that mean?

The Qore Performance products are basically compression shorts and a compression sleeve that hold heating or cold packs to keep you warm or cool depending on what the temperature is outside.

The packs are so small they can be iced down in your golf cart's ice chest and inserted as you need them.

How do they work?

The science behond Qore Performance is beyond me as a golf writer so I'll let Qore Performance explain it:

"Pockets [in the garments] allow lightweight PlasmaQore packs to be placed over the body’s pulse points to help control temperature. The pulse points are the locations on the body where a large amount of blood volume is close to the surface of the skin, allowing for efficient thermal transfer."

The way it was told to me as I played a round of golf in 95-degree weather with something around 29 million percent humidity is "you'll just feel more refreshed."

"That's silly," I thought, but it was true. At the end of a nine-hole round in the Texas heat, not only did I feel more refreshed but I felt lighter -- not as doggedly heavy as I usually feel with sweat and fatigue engulfing me.

The products were actually originally created for military personnel as is depicted in this sweet video:

Why do you need this product?

I don't know about you guys but I'm not the athlete I once was. I get tired at the end of rounds even when I'm riding in a cart which is sort of embarrassing but that's not the point.

The point is that with this product you won't get as tied as you normally do. You'll still sweat but you'll feel more refreshed than normal.

And here's the best part for me: I wear compression shorts when I play anyway, so do a lot of my friends. So why not pay a few more bucks to get the version that's going to keep you more comfortable as you hack it around the course?

The sleeves, too, felt good when I wore them, even in the heat. I actually wore two of them (one on each arm) and felt balanced with my swing and my game.

How much are they?

The compression shorts plus packs are $95, the shorts on their own are $50. The sleeve with packs is $40.

For more information about the product you can go to Qore Performance's page here.

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