The most under the radar season to play golf outside is the fall, which has (mostly) arrived. The days are still long enough to get your rounds in, and the weather is not so sweltering that you want to call it after four holes. It is, as far as golf scenes go, about as pleasant and enjoyable as it gets in most parts of the country.

With this in mind, we have a few recommendations for you this fall of stuff we've either been trying out or using over the last few weeks and months. Not all of this gear is for on-course play, but all of it it will almost certainly enhance your golf experience for the rest of 2022.

Holderness & Bourne Sullivan pullover ($145 | Holderness & Bourne): The only pullover you need for this fall. It's soft, light, warm and perfect for crisp mornings and cool evenings. Holderness & Bourne has been pumping out some great stuff recently, and this is among the best products they currently make (full disclosure: author is outfitted by Holderness & Bourne).


Lululemon commission golf pants ($150 | Lululemon): I absolutely love these pants. They're somehow both light but also well-constructed. I love playing golf in them, I love not playing golf in them and I'll wear them almost every day this fall.


Linksoul Groover hoodie ($75 | Linksoul): Lightweight hoodies are a must in the fall, and Linksoul makes a great one. It's stretchy and light but also warm enough to wear when the temperature drops, whether you're on or off the course. I love this hoodie.


Primo joggers ($90 | Primo): I feel a bit like an old man trying to convince the kids he still has it when I rock the joggers out on the course (or off of it for that matter), but these are definitely worth it. I'm a huge fan of Primo's product and these are versatile enough to wear with a collared shirt while playing golf or with a t-shirt while not playing golf.


TRUE Original 1.2 ($170 | TRUE): There are a lot of great golf shoes out there, but not all of them are socially acceptable to wear off the course like these TRUE kicks are. They're light and comfortable but also stable enough to hold up for walking a full round (or two). I also love that you don't even have to change out of them when you're done. I wear them pretty much everywhere, which is a rarity in the golf shoe world.


Shapland Elate stand bag ($395 | Shapland): My new favorite golf bag in the world. It was time for me to toss my 10-year-old bag, and Shapland makes an absolutely incredible product. Every detail is considered, and every feature is the highest quality (leather straps, soft club holders and heavy metal buckles). I still use a push cart, but this bag has made me want to just straight up walk. That's how light, durable and perfect it is.


Seamus headcovers ($75 | Seamus): There's no better headcover product on the market. In a day when louder seems to be all the rage, Seamus' products are subtle, top-shelf gems. Their color schemes are sublime, the quality of their material is as good as it gets in golf, and -- you may not know this -- they've also branched out into yardage books and pouches for tees and ball markers, both of which are just as splendidly-made as their famous headcovers.


Goodr ($35 | Clubhouse Closeout): Goodr sunglasses have become my go-to shades. I don't normally wear sunglasses while playing, but with their no-slip performance, you certainly could. I'm very much in on the product, the brand and the price point of Goodr.


Solo Stove ($240 | Solo Stove): This is definitely not a golf-centric product, but it's perfect for a post-round beer and chat. Several of my friends have Solo Stoves and love how it contains the smoke (the worst part of any fireside hangout).  As far as fall golf goes, it's something I'm very much looking forward to having to come home to after those chilly late afternoon rounds.

Solo Stove

Bushnell ($600 | Bushnell): There are myriad rangefinder products in the marketplace these days, but Bushnell remains the top of the class. Its price certainly reflects that, but I would argue that if you buy a quality rangefinder once, you won't really ever need one again. The Pro X3 had the slope adjust button moved to the top and offers multiple colors you can use to lock on to your target.  I've never been disappointed in a Bushnell product.