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Aaron Rodgers celebrated a win at the 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, but there were some questions about the validity of the victory. Rodgers and his PGA partner Ben Silverman won the net portion of the Pro-Am by shooting a combined 26 under, defeating Peter Malnati and former FedEX CEO Don Colleran by just one stroke.

Rodgers played well, but some thought his handicap of 10 was more than just a little inflated.

PGA Tour pro Keith Mitchell, who was paired with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, said that Rodgers' win is invalid because of the NFL star's suspiciously high handicap.

"I think Josh and I won," Mitchell said after the tournament. "Aaron Rodgers doesn't count. His handicap was crap. I haven't looked. When we were on 18, we might have been up there, but if we finished second to Aaron, I consider us winning the trophy."

Allen himself went up to Rodgers and needled him about his handicap after the tournament was over.

"I wish I got 10 shots too," Allen said of Rodgers' handicap. "I only got nine."

Despite Allen's protests, Rodgers said he would own bragging rights for quite a while.

"You're damn right," Rodgers said. "Yeah, for sure. Josh Allen was telling me there's going to be an asterisk by this win because it was only three rounds, but our names are gonna be up there for a long time."

Rodgers defended his handicap, saying he doesn't play golf during the season. He said the first time he got back on the course after his NFL season ended was the Monday before the tournament -- where he claims he went to Sherwood Country Club in California and shot a "solid 86."