The 2021 PGA Merchandise Show is being held virtually this year (like most things over the last 12 months), but that is not holding back the new gear, gadgets and clubs from still being rolled out over the next few days as the event continues through Friday, Jan. 26. CBS Sports will be with you all week taking a closer look at some of the top items being highlighted or introduced over the course of the show.

We're next going to take a wide-ranging look at a variety of tools that can both help you become a better golfer but also simply enjoy the game more than you already do. These products also vary greatly in price but represent some of the more interesting (and innovative) companies we've seen in recent years. Be sure to check out the video in the player above for a closer look at each item.

GolfBoard: Expensive, yes, but GolfBoard provides a spectacular way to get around the golf course quickly and easily. I especially like the CaddieBoard, which can haul around two separate golf bags, but all of their products are terrific, innovative and hopefully at least part of the future of golf course transportation. 

Club Car Tempo Walk: Speaking of golf course transportation, Club Car's Tempo Walk -- a hands-free device that carts your clubs around while you walk the course -- is tremendous. The Tempo Walk has a built-in GPS, carries a beverage cooler and brings your clubs directly to where you need them. It's also pricey, but if you can afford it, it's a sweet little piece of equipment.

Ogio bags: I have an Ogio travel bag, and I love it. It's heavy-duty but still looks sharp and is easy to get around with (back when we all used to fly in airplanes). Golf is far from their only discipline, but it's a good place to start if you're looking for something new to store your sticks. 

Titleist ProV1: The king of the golf ball industry has just released its 2021 ProV1s, and they are surprisingly different than previous editions. The 2021 ProV1s spin more and are softer than ProV1s in the past, and Titleist has (maybe interestingly) pulled or pushed every lever they have as it relates to the variables -- including dimple patterns and casing layers -- that go into the golf ball.