Tiger Woods' caddie Joe LaCava has made some good coin this year. If you take into account the $3.4 million Woods has made on the course this season -- the most he's made since raking in $8.6 million in 2013 -- it's fair to say LaCava has probably made at least six figures for his work over the last eight months.

Still, he was peeved recently at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at a fan who was trying to get in the way of him and his boss and their work at Firestone. The fan was apparently getting after Woods pretty good during one of his rounds when LaCava stepped in.

"I said, 'Listen bud, why do you have to go there?,'" LaCava told ESPN Radio's "Golic and Wingo". "'Everyone's having a good time. Everyone's pulling for Tiger. If you don't like a guy, that's one thing, but you don't need to be yelling at my guy and screaming negative stuff like that. At the end of the day if you affect his performance here, it affects my bottom line.'

"He calls me a couple names, and I go back and forth with the guy. I said, 'Why don't you just leave?' He said, 'If you give me $25 for the ticket I bought today, I'll leave.' I said, 'Here you go, here's $25.'"

The guy still wouldn't leave so LaCava had him booted all the while, he said, Tiger was looking for a yardage on the hole they were on. So was Big Cat pissed about having to wait?

"He didn't have a problem with it," said LaCava, "and I got a standing ovation for kicking the guy out of there."

It's actually kind of amazing to me that this doesn't happen more often, but good on LaCava for stepping in and eventually ending the shenanigans before it got ugly. Also, congrats to the fan who broke even on the day.

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