Nothing says Christmas season like Tiger Woods dyeing his goatee and dressing up as his alter ego, Mac Daddy Santa. Last year we got this absolute gem of a photo of Woods shirtless with a blond goatee, and the internet went wild.

But Woods explained recently that it wasn't a one time thing. Rather, he does this every year with a bit of a twist. He did note, however, that that twist will never again be him going blond on the chin hair.

"Every year I become this character, Mac Daddy Santa," Woods said recently. "The kids absolutely love it. They love when I do something crazy. Last year I burned my face off trying to dye my goatee which is never going to happen again. To me, that's fun. It provides something our family does every year. Even as they grow older, I'm still going to do it."

Woods hasn't tweeted out the photo of his Mac Daddy Santa costume this year, but it was likely epic, and hopefully we'll get to see it very soon.

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