Everybody has an opinion about Tiger Woods' golf swing these days. I've lost count as to which iteration we're on with Big Cat's move (I think we're around five or six), but two of the most knowledgable people on earth weighed in as Woods played in the Hero World Challenge last week.

Two of Woods' old coaches, Butch Harmon and Hank Haney, both had takes on what they saw in the Bahamas. To me, Woods looked faster, smoother and more agile. They both agreed.

"The two things that really stood out to me were that he seems to have total freedom in his swing again," Harmon wrote for Sky Sports. "I don't see any of the up-and-down movements that he used to put in there, and he looks to have his speed back. And you can tell that he's pain-free. That is the main thing for me.

"I was talking to his coach, Chris Como, last week and he said it's the first time he's worked with Tiger where he has actually been pain-free."

You can see what he means by "up-and-down movements" in this vide of Woods from last year to this year.

Last year's swing looks stuck. This year's? Not so much.

"The thing that I see is that he also has a golf swing he can play with," Hank Haney said on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. "It's interesting that the move that he is making coming through the golf ball is one that releases pressure on his back but also helps to eliminate his big miss. 

"His big miss is when he hangs back on the ball, his head gets stuck back, his shoulders get stuck under, the club gets behind him too much, too flat a plane coming down and then he hits a two-way miss, a block to the right or a quick hook to the left. … I like what I'm seeing out of Tiger right now.  It is just good stuff.  He looks healthy. He's got great clubhead speed. He's hitting phenomenal shots, he's hitting as good shots as anybody."

Again, this is not Jimmy and Joe on Twitter weighing in. These are the two coaches that helped Tiger to all 14 of his major championships. Their opinion doesn't mean Tiger is not going to break down again. That could, of course, happen. But what they are seeing is further confirmation that Woods' swing is one he can stay healthy with and possibly even win with.

I would have thought even a week ago those would be preposterous words to type, but Woods looked incredible last week for having been laid up for so long. Will it last? I don't know, but I think it can. And at this point, hope is something we could all use a little more of when it comes to Woods.