There are plenty of soapboxes to stand on in the world of golf. One of mine is that there needs to be more 9-hole rounds and more walking on the course. We play golf like we do everything else in life: In a hurry and out of control.

So I love it when a company like Walker Trolleys comes along and helps promote these two concepts. Based out of Austin, Texas, Walker Trolleys was established in late 2018 and has a model in place that is both beautiful and affordable.

We got to check some of these push carts out at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, and I was impressed by the simplicity and elegance of design. At the end of the day when you're walking a round of golf, you want the cart to look cool and function properly. This one does both.

Cy Cyr

At a fraction of the price of a nice golf cart, these push carts will pay for themselves after a year or two of playing. Plus, you'll get some nice exercise and meditation in the process.

My favorite part about the Walker Trolley carts is how much thoughtfulness and craft went into each singular part of the device. From the beverage and tee holders up top to the fluidity with which the wheels rotate, it's a work of art as much as a work of science.

Cy Cyr

The founders and creators of the Walker Trolleys get it, too. They're part of the movement encouraging folks to walk more, play more interesting courses and to look good while doing it. Some of what's at the PGA Merchandise Show is either nonsensical or so out of the everyman's price range that it doesn't matter. Walker Trolleys, however, checked all the boxes for golf fans such as me (and you).

The first Walker Trolleys are supposed to ship later this spring. You can pre-order for $400.