We have highlighted Tommy Morrissey on this website before. The 6-year-old golfer with one arm is a total stud. He does impressions of former PGA Tour pros and impresses Bryson DeChambeau at equipment shows. Now he apparently beats pros at their own game.

Morrissey set up the one-armed challenge during a practice round at the Honda Classic. The challenge was from about 50 yards away, and pros had to hit one-handed like Morrissey.

He torched them. His dad noted at the end of the video that the score was 28-6 in favor of Morrissey. Awesome (and inspiring) stuff from somebody who provides it in spades.

“It’s really impressive to see him do what he does,” Billy Horschel told USA Today. “He’s 6. He plays with one arm. And he doesn’t miss a shot. Seriously, he does not miss a shot. It’s just impressive to see him play golf and enjoy it so much.”

He also dabbed on Smylie Kaufman which was pretty amazing.

This whiz kid could be your new favorite golfer.

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