You knew it would be bad. The dashcam video of Tiger Woods getting arrested for a DUI early on Monday morning is out, and it is not pretty. 

According to police reports, Woods was unable to complete a test of walking a straight line as he "missed heel to toe each time and stepped off line." He also failed a variety of other field sobriety tests and thought the officer was asking him to "recite the entire national anthem backwards" when he was in actuality being asked to recite the alphabet backwards.

The video evidence seems to support these reports. Woods slurs his words in the interview below and seems incredibly groggy when speaking. Then he gets out of the car, and the whole thing is a bit of a mess. (See the video at the top of this story.) He doesn't seem to know where he's at or what he's doing and has trouble standing up and walking the line for the cops.

The photos of Woods' Mercedes which included two blown tires were also released on Wednesday. Woods claimed an unexpected reaction to a mix of prescription medications caused his condition, and a pair of breathalyzers that recorded a 0.00 blood alcohol level appear to confirm that explanation.