Tiger Woods just got done with his Tiger Jam in Las Vegas. Phil Hellmuth was there as a sort of deejay for the poker portion of the event. He even chatted up Big Cat. 

But it was a story Hellmuth recently told Golf Digest about a different Tiger Jam that really got my attention. He dished on all manner of things, but at the center (as he usually is) was Woods. Here's Hellmuth on a time they hit balls together in Vegas. 

He messed up a shot, slammed down his club, and used the F-word. That behavior seemed familiar to me. We talked about passion and being perfectionists at what we do and hating to make mistakes. We hit for half an hour and had a good time. Later, that night, we played high-stakes blackjack. At the time, he had won 14 majors and I had 13 World Series of Poker bracelets. When I won my 14th, this past summer, I sent him a text message: I caught you.


Hellmuth said later in the weekend Woods gave him blackjack advice

I remember having a 13 against the dealer's 2 and not being sure what to do. Tiger immediately told me to stand—and he was right. It's the correct play. I said, "Aren't you supposed to be a dumb golfer?" He cracked up. I remember that Tiger won big that night. I'm not going into the number. But if I say big, of course it was six figures.

A world I'm unfamiliar with but one that sounds like a really great time. There's also an unbelievable Michael Jordan story in the piece. You should go read it

What's it like to beat balls with Tiger Woods? (USATSI)
What's it like to beat balls with Tiger Woods? (USATSI)